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Whether you are looking to update your current colour scheme, or you are looking to sell your property, a fresh coat of paint can help you to realize & show the value of your property. We deliver excellent customer service, high quality workmanship and top-grade painting materials to ensure your satisfaction with your project. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations and we will work closely with you to create a home environment you’ll enjoy for years to come. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality painting service available. We do this by combining hard work and professionalism with modern painting techniques and materials. We treat your home as if it was our own, delivering a flawless finish, on time, every time.

Interior Painting


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Paint and coatings technology have come a long way. Flats are more washable and glossy finishes are odourless. The colour and interior decor industry are blossoming with exciting decor ideas. Homeowners follow decorating blogs and frequent social media sites for inspiration. If that is not enough, professional colour help is widely accessible. Colour consultants can turn the client’s inspiration into beautiful living spaces. There are even decorative finishes for adventurous homeowners.

A good painter knows that preparation is the key to a good paint job. Surfaces must be clean and dust free. A good interior painting job includes patching & sanding of cracks, holes and imperfections. Covering and masking will protect the customer’s property and valuables. The quality of paint is important for many reasons. Good paint has low odour, is more washable and it looks better. The cost of paint itself is less than 20% of the contract price. Using top quality paint is a wise financial decision.


Hot steamy showers or just a hot humid summer can get water vapor to build up on the inside of your house or apartment. Water can seep into the walls and create the perfect nurturing environment for mold and other bacteria. Keep them sealed and waterproofed with a new coat of paint every few years, and your walls will thank you.

Exterior Painting

The two main reasons why homeowners want to paint the exterior of their home is to increase curb appeal and to protect it from the harsh, Canadian weather elements. It is important for your home to look up-to-date, modern, and well kept, and also to uphold the elegance of your neighbourhood and protect it from preventable damage. Whether you are selling, maintaining, or just purchased your home, it makes sense to paint it.

Why Homeowners choose us!

We Properly Prepare the Exterior Surfaces Before Exterior Painting

Our experienced exterior painting team will do a walk around the house to evaluate the full scope of the project before we begin painting. We’ll start by pressure washing cleaning off dirt and debris, scrape any lose paint, caulking waterproofing, repair cracks and holes in the surfaces as required, protect surrounding flowers beds, plants or decks, and can also provide mold or mildew removal upon request. Let us know and we’d be glad to help. We’ll be sure to prepare all surface areas before we start painting and transforming your home.

We Guarantee Your 100% Satisfaction

Our skilled crew will paint your homes exterior with our on-site project foreman inspecting on a regular basis to ensure that a top-quality job is being delivered. When the job is complete, the foreman will walk-through the work completed with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Our team will leave your home in pristine condition on the final day of the project.

We’re extremely confident that we’ll exceed all of your expectations, so we provide you with an unmatched two-year quality guarantee on your exterior painting projects.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting presents its own unique challenges and needs, that we are more than ready to help fill. We can handle small or large-scale jobs. We can work around your business needs to minimize disruption to your business, your clients, and your employees. We’ll work in the evenings or overnight. We’ll consult with you on all aspects of the project. We’ll use low VOC paints for painting your commercial building, to improve the quality of your business and protect your investment for years to come.

We provide commercial painting services for:


Property Managers.

A property management company is hired to manage a real estate property. Pacific United Contracting painted apartment and condominium buildings as well as the exterior of townhouse and warehouse complexes.

Facility Managers

The facility manager’s job is to make sure that buildings run efficiently. When it’s time to procure painting services they rely on the experience of contractors such as Pacific United Contracting. Some of the facilities we painted include, private office buildings, public museums and colleges, even consulates and trade missions.

Interior Designers.

The job of the commercial interior designer is to design and create functional space in a building. A good designer is responsible in running entire renovation projects and managing all the trades and contractors. We love working with designers and over the years we have established great relationships with some of them.  

General contractors.

While we do most of our work as a prime contractor, we do subcontract for a handful of general contractors. When they need painting subcontractors for their construction work, we are there for them.


 We provide painting services for schools, colleges and universities as well as clinics and care facilities.

Retail Store Owners

Pacific United Contracting provides painting services to restaurants, bakeries, furniture stores and many other retail stores.

What are the Benefits of a New Paint Job?

A well-maintained place is a good place to work. We think often about decorating and painting our home. Yet we spend most of our awake time working. Should we not feel comfortable in our work surroundings as well? People work better in a clean and well-maintained environment. Most commercial space sees a lot of activity and wear & tear. Common areas like hallways get beat up with equipment and all the people going through it.

A bright fresh coat of paint can do wonders in raising employee morale. Business and property owners know that certain colours improve productivity and others enhance creative thinking. The colour selection process itself is a fun team building activity.
A well thought out painting job will make you look good to your customers. A company invests a lot of money in branding and marketing. Does your business space portray the brand the same way? Is the look consistent with the feel of the website and your other marketing materials?

Retail stores use paint colour to showcase their products. This is not any different for restaurants, sports and concert venues as well as hotels. Customers know you care about them if your facility is clean and presentable.



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